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What is Anodyne® Therapy?
Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are: a clinically proven, non-invasive, non-prescription, drug free treatment for symptoms such as:

• Poor Circulation
• Burning Pain
• Muscle Stiffness
• Tingling Pain
• Muscle Spasm
• Stinging Pain
• Stabbing Pain
• Numbness

Through a patented mechanism of action - the Anodyne® Therapy System emits infrared light (at a unique wavelength), that when used as directed, stimulates circulation and reduces discomfort of symptoms of both diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (PN).

Anodyne® Treats Neuropathy
Treatments with Anodyne® Therapy Systems help relieve disturbances of skin sensation (such as pain and numbness) in patients with neuropathy because a majority of the underlying causes of neuropathy are directly related to poor circulation.

Diabetes, vascular disease (PVD and PAD), hypertension and atherosclerosis contribute to blood vessel narrowing and reduced blood flow to the extremities – leading to pain.

The use of Anodyne® Therapy helps to counterbalance microvascular blood vessel constriction or dysfunction brought on by these diseases. As these conditions are generally chronic in nature, treatments with Anodyne® Therapy must be continued for lifetime symptomatic relief.

Many neuropathies (like diabetic peripheral neuropathy) are progressive in nature - meaning they actually get worse as the years pass even when blood sugar levels are kept under control with medication and proper diet.